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CyberVM Stresser

CyberVM Stresser 会员
的会员 CyberVM 使您能够使用很多“方法”对目标进行压力测试。
CyberVM 专用网络是我们为高级客户提供的一项功能,使您能够为发送的每种攻击增加额外的功能。
DDoS攻击来自多个系统。 Generally, these attacks work by drowning a system with requests for data.通常,这些攻击通过淹没系统中的数据请求来起作用。 This could be sending a web server so many requests to serve a page that it crashes under the demand, or it could be a database being hit with a high volume of queries.这可能是因为向Web服务器发送了太多的请求来服务某个页面,以至于该页面在需求下崩溃了,或者它可能是数据库查询量很高。 The result is available internet bandwidth, CPU and RAM capacity becomes overwhelmed.结果是可用的Internet带宽,CPU和RAM容量变得不堪重负。
  1. Volume-based attacks use massive amounts of bogus traffic to overwhelm a resource such as a website or server.基于卷的攻击使用大量的虚假流量来淹没网站或服务器等资源。 They include ICMP, UDP and spoofed-packet flood attacks.它们包括ICMP,UDP和欺骗性数据包泛洪攻击。 The size of a volume-based attack is measured in bits per second (bps).基于卷的攻击的大小以每秒位数(bps)为单位。

  2. Protocol or network-layer DDoS attacks send large numbers of packets to targeted network infrastructures and infrastructure management tools.协议或网络层DDoS攻击会将大量数据包发送到目标网络基础结构和基础结构管理工具。 These protocol attacks include SYN floods and Smurf DDoS, among others, and their size is measured in packets per second (PPS).这些协议攻击包括SYN泛洪和Smurf DDoS等,其大小以每秒的数据包(PPS)度量。

  3. Application-layer attacks are conducted by flooding applications with maliciously crafted requests.应用程序层攻击是通过向应用程序发送恶意制作的请求来进行的。 The size of application-layer attacks is measured in requests per second (RPS).应用层攻击的大小以每秒请求数(RPS)衡量。

Layer 7 or application layer DDoS attacks attempt to overwhelm network or server resources with a flood of traffic (typically HTTP traffic).第7层或应用程序层DDoS攻击试图通过大量流量(通常为HTTP流量)淹没网络或服务器资源。 An example would be sending thousands of requests for a certain webpage per second until the server is overwhelmed and cannot respond to all of the requests.一个示例是每秒发送某个网页的数千个请求,直到服务器不堪重负并且无法响应所有请求。 Another example would be calling an API over and over until the service crashes.另一个示例是一遍又一遍地调用API,直到服务崩溃为止。 Typically, layer XNUMX DDoS attacks are more complex than other kinds of DDoS attacks.通常,第XNUMX层DDoS攻击比其他类型的DDoS攻击更为复杂。

CyberVM 服务条款


欢迎来到 CyberVM。 This site is claimed and worked by本网站由以下网站声明和工作 CyberVM。 By visiting our site and getting to the data, assets, administrations, items, and instruments we give, you comprehend and consent to acknowledge and cling to the accompanying terms and conditions as expressed in this arrangement (from now on alluded to as 'Client Agreement'), alongside the terms and conditions as expressed in our Privacy Policy (it would be ideal if you allude to the Privacy Policy area beneath for more data.通过访问我们的网站并获得我们提供的数据,资产,管理,项目和工具,您理解并同意承认并坚持此安排中所表达的随附条款和条件(从现在起称为“客户协议” '),以及我们的隐私权政策中所述的条款和条件(如果您暗指下面的隐私权政策区域以获取更多数据,则是理想之选。
We maintain whatever authority is needed to change this User Agreement every now and then without take note.我们不时更改任何需要的授权来更改此用户协议,而无需注意。 You recognize and concur that it is your duty to audit this User Agreement intermittently to acclimate yourself with any adjustments.您承认并同意,您有责任间歇地审核本用户协议以使自己适应任何调整。 Your proceeded with utilization of this site after such alterations will comprise affirmation and understanding of the adjusted terms and conditions.进行此类更改后,您将继续使用本网站,这将包括对确定的条款和条件的确认和理解。




a.一种。 So as to get to our Resources, you might be required to give certain data about yourself, (for example, recognizable proof, contact subtleties, and so on.) as a major aspect of the enrollment procedure, or as a major aspect of your capacity to utilize the Resources.为了获取我们的资源,可能会要求您提供有关您自己的某些数据(例如,可识别的证明,联系方式等),作为注册程序的主要方面,或作为您的主要方面利用资源的能力。 You concur that any data you give will consistently be precise, right, and exceptional.您同意,您提供的任何数据将始终是准确,正确和特殊的。
b。 You are answerable for keeping up the classification of any login data related with any record you use to get to our Resources.您有责任保持与您用于获取我们资源的任何记录相关的任何登录数据的分类。 As needs be, you are liable for all exercises that happen under your record/s.根据需要,您应对记录下发生的所有练习负责。
C。 Getting to (or endeavoring to get to) any of our Resources using any and all means other than through the methods we give, is carefully disallowed.小心禁止使用除我们给出的方法以外的任何其他方式来获取(或努力获取)任何资源。 You explicitly make a deal to avoid getting to (or endeavor to get to) any of our Resources through any mechanized, deceptive or capricious methods.您明确达成协议,避免通过任何机械化,欺骗性或反复无常的方法获取(或努力获取)我们的任何资源。
d。 Taking part in any movement that disturbs or meddles with our Resources, including the servers or potentially systems to which our Resources are found or associated, is carefully precluded.小心地避免参与任何干扰或干扰我们资源的运动,包括发现或与我们资源相关的服务器或潜在系统。
e。 Endeavoring to duplicate, copy, imitate, sell, exchange, or exchange our Resources is carefully restricted.严格限制复制,复制,模仿,出售,交换或交换我们资源的工作。
F。 You are exclusively capable any outcomes, misfortunes, or harms that we may straightforwardly or by implication cause or endure because of any unapproved exercises led by you, as clarified above, and may bring about criminal or common risk.如上文所述,您完全有能力因我们主导的任何未经批准的锻炼而直接或暗示导致或忍受的任何结果,不幸或伤害,并可能带来刑事或共同的风险。
G。 We may give different open specialized instruments on our site, for example, blog remarks, blog entries, open talk, discussions, message sheets, newsgroups, item appraisals and audits, different web based life administrations, and so forth.我们可能会在我们的网站上提供不同的开放式专业工具,例如,博客评论,博客条目,公开谈话,讨论,消息单,新闻组,项目评估和审计,不同的基于Web的生活管理等等。 You comprehend that for the most part we don't pre-screen or screen the substance posted by clients of these different specialized devices, which implies that on the off chance that you decide to utilize these devices to present any sort of substance to our site, at that point it is your moral duty to utilize these devices in a mindful and moral way.您了解到,在大多数情况下,我们不会预先筛选或筛选由这些不同的专用设备的客户发布的物质,这意味着您极有可能决定使用这些设备向我们的网站展示任何类型的物质。 ,此时,以道德和道德的方式使用这些设备是您的道德责任。 By posting data or generally utilizing any open specialized devices as referenced, you concur that you won't transfer, post, share, or generally appropriate any substance that:通过发布数据或通常使用所引用的任何开放式专用设备,您同意您不会转移,发布,共享或通常不使用任何物质:
ii。 Encroaches on any trademark, patent, competitive innovation, copyright, or other restrictive right of any gathering;侵犯任何聚会的任何商标,专利,竞争性创新,版权或其他限制性权利;
ii。 Contains any kind of unapproved or spontaneous publicizing;包含任何未经批准或自发的宣传;
iii。 Mimics any individual or substance, including any https://模拟任何个人或物质,包括任何https://cybervm.net工作者或代表。
We have the privilege at our sole attentiveness to expel any substance that, we feel in our judgment doesn't conform to this User Agreement, alongside any substance that we feel is generally hostile, destructive, questionable, off base, or abuses any outsider copyrights or trademarks.我们有幸一心一意地驱逐我们认为不符合本用户协议的任何物质,以及我们认为通常具有敌意,破坏性,可疑,不合常规或滥用任何外部版权的任何物质或商标。 We are not answerable for any deferral or disappointment in evacuating such substance.对于撤离此类物质的任何延误或失望,我们概不负责。 In the event that you post content that we decide to expel, you thusly agree to such evacuation, and agree to forgo any case against us.如果您发布我们决定将其驱逐的内容,则表示您同意撤离,并同意放弃对我们的任何诉讼。
H。 We don't expect any risk for any substance posted by you or some other outsider clients of our site.对于您或我们网站的其他外部客户发布的任何物质,我们不承担任何风险。 Notwithstanding, any substance posted by you utilizing any open specialized instruments on our site, gave that it doesn't disregard or encroach on any outsider copyrights or trademarks, turns into the property of尽管如此,您使用我们网站上的任何开放式专用工具发布的任何物质,只要它不忽略或侵犯任何外部版权或商标,都将成为 CyberVM,以及所有考虑在内的事物,为我们提供了一个永无止境,不可改变的世界范围,无主权,选择许可,以我们认为合适的方式重复,调整,调整,解释,分发,公开展示或潜在地传播。 This solitary alludes and applies to content posted by means of open specialized apparatuses as portrayed, and doesn't allude to data that is given as a feature of the enlistment procedure, important so as to utilize our Resources.此单独提及并适用于通过开放专门设备发布的内容,但并不暗示作为入伍程序的功能而提供的数据,这对利用我们的资源很重要。 All data gave as a component of our enlistment procedure is secured by our protection arrangement.作为我们入伍程序组成部分提供的所有数据均受我们的保护安排保护。
I.您同意偿还并保持无害 CyberVM and its parent organization and offshoots, and their executives, officials, chiefs, representatives, contributors, operators, and licensors, from and against all misfortunes, costs, harms and costs, including sensible lawyers' expenses, coming about because of any infringement of this User Agreement or the inability to satisfy any commitments identifying with your record brought about by you or some other individual utilizing your record.及其上级组织及其分支机构,及其高管,官员,酋长,代表,贡献者,运营商和许可人,均来自和抵制由于任何侵权而造成的所有不幸,代价,伤害和费用,包括明智的律师费用用户协议或无法履行由您或其他使用您的记录的个人带来的与记录相关的承诺。 We maintain whatever authority is needed to assume control over the selective protection of any case for which we are qualified for reimbursement under this User Agreement.对于任何有资格根据本《用户协议》获得报销的案件的选择性保护,我们将维持需要的任何权力来控制。 In such occasion, you will furnish us with so much collaboration as is sensibly mentioned by us.在这种情况下,您会给我们提供我们明智地提到的大量合作。


Your protection is essential to us, which is the reason we've made a different Privacy Policy so as to clarify in detail how we gather, oversee, process, secure, and store your private data.您的保护对我们至关重要,这就是我们制定不同的隐私政策的原因,以详细说明我们如何收集,监督,处理,保护和存储您的私人数据。 Our security arrangement is incorporated under the extent of this User Agreement.我们的安全安排已纳入本用户协议的范围内。 To peruse our security approach completely, click here.要完全细读我们的安全方法,请单击此处。




By utilizing our site, you comprehend and concur that all Resources we give are "as may be" and "as accessible".通过使用我们的网站,您理解并同意,我们提供的所有资源都是“可能存在”和“可以访问”的。 This implies we don't speak to or warrant to you that:这意味着我们不与您说话或向您保证:


vi)无论您是从您那里获得的沟通,建议,口头还是书面形式,都没有数据或建议 CyberVM 或通过我们提供的任何资源,除本用户协议中明确规定的内容外,将提供任何形式的保证,保证或状态。


与上述澄清的“保修范围”相关,您明确理解并同意,针对我们的任何案件将仅限于您为使用项目和管理而支付的金额(假设有任何金额)。 CyberVM 对于由于您利用我们的资源或由于任何更改,信息不幸或贬低,划掉,失去访问权限而可能造成的任何直接,反手,意外,重大或值得称赞的不幸或伤害,我们概不负责。或在充分限制风险法律的范围内休假。


所有物质和材料均可通过https://访问cybervm.net(包括但不限于内容,设计,站点名称,代码,图片和徽标)是 CyberVM,并受相关版权和商标法的保护。 Any unseemly use, including yet not restricted to the multiplication, conveyance, show or transmission of any substance on this site is carefully disallowed, except if explicitly approved by小心禁止在本网站上进行任何不合理的使用,包括但不限于任何物质的繁殖,运输,展示或传播,除非获得了明确的批准。 CyberVM.


You concur that we may, at our sole carefulness, suspend or end your entrance to all or part of our site and Resources with or without see and under any circumstances, including, without constraint, break of this User Agreement.您同意,在任何情况下(包括但不限于违反本用户协议),我们可能会单方面暂停或终止您进入我们全部或部分网站和资源的访问,而不论是否看到。 Any speculated illicit, fake or damaging movement might be justification for ending your relationship and might be alluded to suitable law implementation specialists.任何推测的非法,假冒或破坏性活动都可能成为终止您的恋情的理由,并且可能暗示了适当的法律实施专家。 Upon suspension or end, your entitlement to utilize the Resources we give will promptly stop, and we maintain whatever authority is needed to expel or erase any data that you may have on record with us, including any record or login data.暂停或终止后,您使用我们提供的资源的权利将立即停止,并且我们维持驱逐或删除您在我们这里可能拥有的任何数据(包括任何记录或登录数据)所需的任何权限。


该网站受以下限制 CyberVM。 It very well may be gotten to by most nations around the globe.全球大多数国家都可能会做到这一点。 By getting to our site, you concur that the rules and laws of our state, regardless of the contention of laws and the United Nations Convention on the International Sales of Goods, will apply to all issues identifying with the utilization of this site and the Terms Of Services of any items or administrations through this site.进入我们的网站即表示您同意,本州的规则和法律,无论法律或《联合国国际货物销售公约》的争执如何,均适用于所有识别使用本网站和本条款的问题。通过本网站提供的任何项目或管理服务。


除非另有表示, CyberVM 明确否认任何形式的明示或暗示的保证和条件,包括但不限于适销性,特定用途的适用性和不侵权的隐含保证和条件。


如果您对以上所述的我们的服务条款有任何疑问或评论,可以通过以下方式与我们联系: [电子邮件保护]

CyberVM 隐私政策


本隐私政策负责管理 CyberVM 收集,利用,保持和发现从https://的客户端(每个客户端为“客户端”)收集的数据cybervm.net(“站点”)。 This security approach applies to the Site and all items and administrations offered by此安全方法适用于网站以及由Google提供的所有项目和管理 CyberVM.


We may gather individual distinguishing proof data from Users in an assortment of ways, including, however not constrained to, when Users visit our site, register on the site, put in a request, and regarding different exercises, administrations, highlights or assets we make accessible on our Site.我们可能会以多种方式从用户那里收集个人独特的证明数据,包括但不限于,当用户访问我们的网站,在网站上注册,提出请求以及关于我们进行的不同练习,管理,亮点或资产时,可在我们的网站上访问。 Clients might be requested, as suitable, email addresses.可能会要求客户提供电子邮件地址。 Clients may be that as it may, visit our Site secretly.客户可能会秘密访问我们的网站。 We will gather individual ID data from Users just in the event that they deliberately submit such data to us.一旦用户有意向我们提交这些ID数据,我们将收集这些ID数据。 Clients can generally decline to supply by and by distinguishing proof data, then again, actually it might keep them from taking part in certain Site related exercises.客户通常可以通过区分证据数据来拒绝供应,然后再次证明,实际上,这可能使他们无法参加某些与站点相关的练习。


We may gather non-individual distinguishing proof data about Users at whatever point they cooperate with our Site.我们可能会在用户与我们网站合作的任何时候收集有关用户的非个性化证明数据。 Non-individual distinguishing proof data may incorporate the program name, the kind of PC and specialized data about User methods for association with our Site, for example, the working framework and the Internet specialist co-ops used and other comparable data.非个人区别证明数据可能包含程序名称,PC种类以及与要与我们网站关联的用户方法的专门数据,例如,工作框架和所使用的Internet专家合作社以及其他类似数据。


Our Site may utilize "treats" to improve the User experience.我们的网站可能会利用“条约”来改善用户体验。 The client's internet browser places treat on their hard drive for record-keeping purposes and now and again to follow data about them.客户的Internet浏览器在其硬盘上放置用于记录的目的,并时不时地跟踪有关它们的数据。 The client may decide to set their internet browser to deny treats, or to alarm you when treats are being sent.客户可以决定将其Internet浏览器设置为拒绝对待,或在发送对待时向您发出警报。 In the event that they do as such, note that a few pieces of the Site may not work appropriately.如果他们这样做,请注意,本网站的某些部分可能无法正常工作。


CyberVM 可能出于以下目的收集和利用用户的个人数据:
We may utilize the data Users give about themselves while putting in a request just to give administration to that request.我们可能会在提出请求时利用用户提供的有关自己的数据,以便对该请求进行管理。 We don't impart this data to outside gatherings but to the degree important to give the administration.我们不会将这些数据提供给外部聚会,而应将其提供给主管部门。
We may utilize the email address to send User data and updates relating to their request.我们可能会利用电子邮件地址发送用户数据和与他们的请求有关的更新。 It might likewise be utilized to react to their requests, questions, as well as different solicitations.同样,它也可以用来回应他们的要求,问题以及不同的要求。 On the off chance that User chooses to select into our mailing list, they will get messages that may incorporate organization news, refreshes, related item or administration data, and so on.如果用户选择将其选入我们的邮件列表,他们将收到可能包含组织新闻,更新,相关项目或管理数据等的消息。 In the event that whenever the User might want to withdraw from getting future messages, we incorporate nitty gritty withdraw directions at the base of each email.如果每当用户希望退出以后的邮件时,我们都会在每封电子邮件的底部加入一些具体的退出说明。


Touchy and private information trade between the Site and its Users occurs over an SSL verified correspondence channel and is scrambled and ensured with computerized marks.本网站与其用户之间的敏感信息和私人信息交易通过SSL验证的通信渠道进行,并通过计算机标记来加扰和确保。 Our Site is likewise in consistence with PCI powerlessness models so as to make as secure of a domain as feasible for Users.我们的站点同样符合PCI无功能性模型,从而为用户提供尽可能安全的域。


We don't sell, exchange, or lease Users' individual distinguishing proof data to other people.我们不会将用户的个人区分证明数据出售,交换或出租给他人。 We may share nonexclusive amassed statistic data not connected to any close to home recognizable proof data in regards to guests and clients with our colleagues, believed associates and publicists for the reasons plot above.出于上述原因,我们可能会与我们的同事,相信的同事和公关人员共享与客人和客户有关的,非独家聚集的统计数据,这些数据与任何接近家庭可识别的证据数据无关。


Clients may discover promoting or other substances on our Site that connect to the destinations and administrations of our accomplices, providers, publicists, supports, licensors, and other outsiders.客户可能会在我们的网站上发现与我们的同谋,提供者,公关,支持,许可人和其他局外人的目的地和行政部门相关的促销或其他物质。 We don't control the substance or connections that show up on these locales and are not liable for the practices utilized by sites connected to or from our Site.我们不控制在这些语言环境中显示的内容或联系,并且不对与我们网站连接的网站所采用的做法负责。 What's more, these destinations or administrations, including their substance and connections, might be always showing signs of change.而且,这些目的地或行政机构,包括其实质和联系,可能总是显示出变化的迹象。 These destinations and administrations may have their own protection approaches and client assistance strategies.这些目的地和主管部门可能有自己的保护方法和客户援助策略。 Perusing and connection on some other site, including sites which have a connection to our Site, is dependent upon that site's own terms and arrangements.在其他站点(包括与我们站点有连接的站点)上的阅读和连接取决于该站点自身的条款和安排。


Advertisements showing up on our site might be conveyed to Users by promoting accomplices, who may set treats.我们网站上显示的广告可能会通过宣传帮凶来传达给用户,这些帮凶可能会设置美食。 These treats enable the promotion server to perceive your PC each time they send you an online notice to gather non-individual recognizable proof data about you or other people who utilize your PC.这些优惠使促销服务器在每次向您发送在线通知以收集有关您或使用您PC的其他人的不可识别的证明数据时,都能感知您的PC。 This data permits promotion systems to, in addition to other things, convey focused on notices that they accept will be of most enthusiasm to you.此数据使促销系统除其他事项外,还可以传达他们所接受的,对您最热情的通知。 This security arrangement doesn't cover the utilization of treats by any sponsors.此安全安排不涵盖任何赞助商对零食的利用。


CyberVM has the caution to refresh this policy approach whenever.请务必在任何时候刷新此策略方法。 At the point when we do, we will reexamine the refreshed date at the base of this page and send you an email.在执行此操作时,我们将在此页面的底部重新检查刷新的日期,然后向您发送电子邮件。 We urge Users to as often as possible check this page for any progressions to remain educated about how we are ensuring the individual data we gather.我们敦促用户尽可能多地检查此页面,以了解有关如何确保我们收集的个人数据的任何进展。 You recognize and concur that it is your duty to survey this security strategy occasionally and become mindful of adjustments.您认识并同意,您有责任不时调查此安全策略并注意调整。


By utilizing this Site, you imply your acknowledgment of this approach and terms of administration.通过使用本网站,您暗含对这种方法和管理条款的认可。 On the off chance that you don't consent to this approach, kindly don't utilize our Site.如果您不同意这种方法,请不要使用我们的网站。 Your proceeded with the utilization of the Site following the presenting of changes on this strategy will be considered your acknowledgment of those changes.在提出有关此策略的更改之后,您继续使用本网站将被视为您对这些更改的认可。


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您所有的数据都是加密的,这意味着 没有人 甚至管理员或工作人员都无法查看您的日志并知道您的用法。




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